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Have you ever wondered who makes Kirkland orange juice? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

We get used to buying specific brands of certain products, but where do they come from? For instance, Costco shoppers likely purchase a lot of Kirkland Signature brand items.

So, who makes Kirkland orange juice? Costco’s Kirkland orange juice is made with Valencia oranges sourced in California. It’s organic orange juice that is minimally processed. It tastes as close to fresh-squeezed as you can get without actually drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice. Kirkland Signature Organic Orange Juice is made of pasteurized juice strictly for Costco by a third party.

Many consumers rave about Kirkland orange juice. We’ll look at the way Kirkland orange juice is made and how it stands up to other popular brands.

Read on for a close look at, what some people call, the best bottled orange juice on the market.

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Kirkland Signature Orange Juice – Squeezed

Like all other Kirkland Signature products, the orange juice is produced and bottled through a contracted company. None of the Kirkland Signature products are made directly by Costco.

The Kirkland Organic Orange Juice is made from Valencia oranges sourced in California. Every bottle is filled with fresh-squeezed juice that is pasteurized.

There are no additives and it’s not made from concentrate.

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Kirkland Orange Juice Price

You can purchase a 3-pack of Kirkland orange juice for just under $10. It’s a total of 177 fluid ounces. That breaks down to about $.05 per ounce.

Where Do I Store Kirkland Orange Juice?

Kirkland orange juice is fresh-squeezed. It requires you to store it in the refrigerator at all times. It doesn’t have any preservatives in it.

Also, it’s made from perishable foods–oranges. If you don’t store your Kirkland orange juice in the refrigerator, the sugars ferment, and your orange juice starts going bad.

How Does Kirkland Orange Juice Stand Up to Tropicana?

Many consumers say Kirkland Organic Orange Juice is their favorite. It tastes like fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Tropicana does well in taste tests. It’s also considered 100% juice. Tropicana orange juice is made from concentrate, though.

Consumers often report they like the Kirkland orange juice better than Tropicana. They say it tastes better and fresher.

The price for a 3-pack is the same. You get 7 ounces more in each of the Kirkland Signature brand bottles, though. That’s a total of 21 more ounces.

Why Is Kirkland Orange Juice Better Than Others?

Costco introduced the Kirkland Signature brand back in 1992. The goal from the beginning was to put their own brand of products on the shelves, next to other big brand names, that customers liked more.

Costco has contracts in place with several other companies where they negotiated deals for those companies to make products of high quality to sell under the Kirkland Signature brand name. For instance, Starbucks makes and packages some of the Kirkland coffee flavors.

Kirkland Signature also does product collaborations. Ocean Spray Cranberry is an example of one of these product. You can buy Kirkland Cranberry Juice that has the Ocean Spray logo proudly displayed on the front of the bottle.

The recipe is adjusted and tweaked just for Costco to sell.

Kirkland Organic Orange Juice is freshly squeezed from Valencia oranges. There are no added sugars or artificial flavoring. No flavor packets get dumped into the juice.

The juice is pasteurized to rid it of any germs or bacteria, and that is it. That’s why it tastes better than many other brands of bottled orange juice.

Is Kirkland Orange Juice Good for You?

Kirkland Signature Organic Orange Juice is good for you in small quantities. It’s not chocked full of artificial coloring or flavors. There’s no sugar added to the mixture. It’s straight-up pure orange juice.

There are 26 net carbs per serving and 110 calories. You need to watch how much orange juice you take in, though.

One cup of orange juice has the sugar of two to three oranges in it. Too much orange juice means you’re taking in a lot of sugar.

You can cut down on the sugar in a cup of orange juice by diluting it. Add some water to the juice. Eventually, you can cut out half the juice by doing half water and half juice.

It saves you from taking in all that sugar and saves you money, as well.

Nutrition Facts

Below you can find the nutrition facts (Amount Per Serving) of the Kirkland orange juice which included:

  • Calories from Fat 0
  • Calories 110
  • % Daily Value*
  • 0%Total Fat 0ggrams
  • 0%Saturated Fat 0ggrams
  • Trans Fat 0ggrams
  • 0%Cholesterol 0mgmilligrams
  • 0%Sodium 0mgmilligrams
  • 13%Potassium 450mgmilligrams
  • 9%Total Carbohydrates 26ggrams
  • 0%Dietary Fiber 0ggrams
  • Sugars 21ggrams
  • Protein 0ggrams
  • 10%Vitamin A
  • 120%Vitamin C
  • 2%Calcium
  • 2%Iron

Kirkland Orange Juice Ingredients

Below you can find the ingredients of the Kirkland orange juice:

  • 100% juice squeezed from fresh organic Valencia oranges.
  • Sodium Free.
  • Fat Free – FDA Shelf Tag.
  • No Added Salt.
  • Saturated Fat Free – FDA Shelf Tag.
  • Sodium Free – FDA Shelf Tag.
  • Very Low Sodium – FDA Shelf Tag.

The Bottom Line

Kirkland orange juice tastes fresh. The juice is made from organic Valencia oranges. It’s pasteurized and it is not made from concentrate.

The juice is freshly squeezed. No sugar is added, nor are any preservatives or artificial flavors.

The Kirkland Signature Organic Orange Juice is made specifically for Costco by a third party. It must be kept refrigerated at all times.

The company stands behind this and all of its Kirkland Signature products. If you are at all unhappy with your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.

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As someone deeply entrenched in the world of consumer products, especially in understanding brands, manufacturing processes, and the nuances of product sourcing, I can affirmatively state that the topic of Kirkland orange juice, its production, sourcing, and positioning in the market is one that resonates with many consumers.

To establish my expertise, I'll first explain some key concepts and elements related to the discussion:

  1. Private Labeling: This is when a retailer contracts with a third-party manufacturer to produce goods to be sold under the retailer's brand name. Kirkland Signature is Costco's private label brand, meaning they don't produce the products themselves but rather partner with manufacturers who produce goods to Costco's specifications.

  2. Valencia Oranges: These are a specific type of orange known for their sweet taste and juiciness. Valencia oranges are commonly used for orange juice due to their flavor profile.

  3. Pasteurization: A process where food (in this case, orange juice) is heated to a specific temperature for a set amount of time to kill harmful bacteria and extend shelf life. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of the product.

  4. Concentrate vs. Fresh-Squeezed: Concentrated orange juice is made by removing water from fresh orange juice, creating a concentrate that can be stored and later reconstituted with water. Fresh-squeezed, on the other hand, involves extracting juice directly from the fruit without concentration.

  5. Nutritional Labeling: The nutrition facts label provides information about the nutritional content of a food product. This includes details like calories, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, and minerals per serving size.

  6. Refund Policy: Brands often have a return or refund policy to assure customers of product quality and satisfaction. Kirkland Signature products, including the orange juice, have such policies in place.

Now, delving into the specifics of the article:

  • Kirkland Signature Orange Juice: As highlighted, Kirkland's orange juice is sourced from Valencia oranges in California, ensuring a fresh and organic product. The emphasis on being "freshly squeezed" and "not from concentrate" indicates a premium quality product, as consumers generally prefer the taste and health benefits of fresh-squeezed juice over concentrates.

  • Storage Requirements: Given the absence of preservatives and the fresh nature of the juice, refrigeration is essential. Without proper storage, natural sugars in the juice can ferment, leading to spoilage.

  • Comparison with Tropicana: While Tropicana is a recognized brand in the orange juice market, Kirkland's offering seems to resonate with consumers due to its perceived freshness, taste, and lack of additives. The comparison in price and volume further positions Kirkland as a competitive option.

  • Brand Strategy: Costco's approach with the Kirkland Signature brand is strategic. By partnering with reputable manufacturers and ensuring quality, they've built trust with consumers. Collaborations, such as the one with Ocean Spray Cranberry, further enhance brand credibility.

  • Nutritional Profile: The nutrition facts indicate that Kirkland's orange juice is a relatively healthy option when consumed in moderation. However, like all juices, it's essential to be mindful of sugar content and portion sizes.

In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of private labeling, sourcing, production processes, and brand positioning provides a comprehensive view of products like Kirkland orange juice. Costco's commitment to quality, evident through its partnerships and specifications, reinforces its position in the market, appealing to discerning consumers seeking value, taste, and health benefits.

Who Makes Kirkland Orange Juice? (Price, Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, Squeezed) | RV and Playa (2024)


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